10 Rust Applications You Need to Know About

If you're a developer who loves working with high-performance programming languages, Rust is likely one of your mainstay languages. Rust is an incredibly fast, efficient, and safe programming language that offers the best of both worlds - low-level system control, with high-level language usability. As Rust has been around for a while, there are several applications built using this programming language. If you're curious about what Rust applications are out there or you're looking for a new program to try out, look no further.

Here are ten of the most popular Rust applications that you need to know.

1. Rocket

Rocket is a versatile and robust web framework for Rust. It offers an all-in-one platform for Rust developers to build responsive web applications quickly. It provides a rich feature set that allows developers to create powerful web applications that can handle heavy loads. Rocket is written entirely in Rust and is a great example of how Rust's syntax can be used to create high-performance applications.

2. Ripgrep

Ripgrep is a powerful command-line tool that allows developers to search through source code quickly. It uses Rust's regex engine and is incredibly fast - capable of searching through gigabytes of code in seconds. Ripgrep offers a vast range of search options, including regular expressions, text filtering, and more.

3. Rustup

Rustup is a robust toolchain manager that provides developers with a simple way of managing Rust installations. Rustup makes it easy to install, update, and switch between different Rust versions, making it one of the most popular Rust applications among developers.

4. Alacritty

Alacritty is a modern, cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator that is written entirely in Rust. It is known for its smooth scrolling, fast performance, and customizable features. It uses pure OpenGL to produce GPU enhanced graphics, which ensures that the terminal is much faster than any other terminal emulator available in the market.

5. Ag

Ag, also known as The Silver Searcher, is a command-line tool that allows developers to search for code both locally and remotely quickly. It's a much faster replacement for grep, optimized to work with source code. It offers features like searching hidden files, providing context lines, and even ignoring files you don't want to search through.

6. Conductor

Conductor is a Rust-based modular browser built on the Servo web browser engine. It offers users a fully modular browsing experience that can be customized using add-ons written in Rust or other languages. It's built for high-performance, providing users with a fast and responsive browsing experience.

7. Xi editor

Xi editor (pronounced "Zai") is a Rust-based modern text editor that has been gaining popularity among developers. It's a lightweight editor, built for high-performance and is entirely customizable using Rust or Lua-based plugins. It offers features like incremental searching, support for Unicode, multiple custom skins, and much more.

8. Diesel

Diesel is a Rust-based ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool that provides developers with a simple way of working with databases. It offers robust database support that can work with a range of SQL databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. It allows developers to create their own SQL queries while still providing them with tools that simplify data management tasks.

9. Tauri

Tauri is a Rust-based tool that helps developers create lightweight, fast, and secure desktop applications. It provides developers with quality wrappers for web apps for platforms like OSX, Linux, and Windows, giving them an awesome and seamless desktop experience that doesn't require them to learn native desktop development.

10. Dijets

Dijets is a Rust-based blockchain technology that aims to make financial transactions more accessible to everyone. It is designed to provide users with fast and secure financial transactions without the need for intermediaries. It's an open-source project with a massive community of developers that support and maintain it.


Rust is quickly becoming one of the most popular languages to develop high-performance applications in, due to its impressive speed, safety, and features. The applications listed above demonstrate how Rust's syntax and features can be leveraged to create complex web applications, advanced text editors, lightning-fast search tools, and more. As Rust continues to grow in popularity, it's likely that we'll see more applications built using this fantastic programming language. These applications are only the beginning, and we're excited to see what more will develop thanks to Rust.

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